Website: https://paycet.com

Phone: +49 69 254740310

Address: Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 34, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

About company:

Откройте брокерский счёт и зарабатывайте вместе с Paycet

Стань профессиональным трейдером и получай прибыль, используя различные торговые инструменты.

3 thoughts on “Paycet Review

  1. If I knew that Paycet are such amateurs, I would have bypassed them with the tenth road. I don’t understand why the broker has such a high trust rating, he doesn’t represent anything at all. It turns out that all good reviews about the company are either bought or written by unscrupulous owners of the office. Of my 1000 bucks, a little more than half is left, and all because the terminal is constantly buggy and crashes, slippages also take place, so there is little pleasant.

  2. Don’t fall for these scammers or you will lose all your money. At first, everything was correct, they explained sensibly, when they made a request for a withdrawal, they immediately blocked access to the account and support stopped responding. Divorce for grandmas!!

  3. Paycet called me several times. I wasn’t interested in trading at all, but they convinced me to give it a try. I had to borrow some money for the deposit, so now I have a special dislike for this non-broker. It was necessary to break through the reputation of the Okhlomons earlier, this would have saved them from unnecessary expenses. And now I can’t take anything off because there’s some problem with the verification. Although I immediately passed it after registration, so the divorce is obvious

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