Website: https://gcnycorp.com

Phone: +49 421 43044502

Address: Obernstraße 68, 28195 Bremen

Email: [email protected]

About company:


We do not pursue instant benefits, but steadily increase the income of our clients. Our main goal is to build stable, trusting and long-term relationships with our clients.


We work for you, so each of our clients has an easy withdrawal of funds and round-the-clock online support.

3 thoughts on “GCNY Corp Review

  1. Are you sane to trade at GCNY Corp? The office is not only unknown, without a brand, with terrible trading conditions, but also lies at every step. I went over the site of this dump, and there is a specific game. For example, licenses. They are all fake. I never found this broker at FCA. I didn’t even check other regulators, that was enough. Liquidity providers, purely in theory, will not even work with forex sharashkas offering 1:500 leverage. The term of work is easily broken – and this is the date of foundation in 2022 (website, first reviews, no other evidence that the nitty sharashka existed earlier), so this is a fake about 2019. The number of traders is also fake, the site is visited by a couple of hundred people, not more than a thousand. Turnover, the number of orders – everything is also fake. Stupid fake.

  2. Oh, I can’t imagine how many people have already lost their money because of GCNY Corp. Because many beginners will easily believe that this company is really regulated and owns all the licenses indicated, but in fact this is not at all the case. It’s just that this broker belongs to this type of scammers who specifically wrote a lot of licenses, partnerships on their official website, indicated liquidity providers, lied about the term of work, about the statistics of clients and their trading. And all this for only one purpose – to show a cool broker and take money from gullible clients. The reality is that GCNY Group does not own any of these licenses. Not FCA, not CySEC, not IFSC. They do not work with banks, which supposedly act as suppliers here. I’ll tell you even more, such banks will never work with small, private offices like this one, which operates as a CFD. So be careful. Always double-check several times whether the broker is deceiving you with just

  3. Before registering and opening an account somewhere, in some company, you need to read on the Internet what people write about this office. So you can learn a lot of interesting things. I found out that this company is not real, and that it does not even exist in the legal sense, and in the physical one too – there is no office, no legal address, no registration documents. Site only. I read this information from one of the experienced whistleblower traders. After this, there is no desire at all to even try to trade.

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