RSNCoin Crypto

RSNCoin Crypto

Website: https://www.rsncoin.com

Address: [email protected]

About company:

RsnCoin is the world’s leading index contract trading platform, dedicated to providing users with safe, professional and convenient digital currency index contract trading services.
RsnCoin is headquartered in the United States and currently has users in more than 77 countries. We will continue to explore until we develop into global users.
RsnCoin really starts from the user’s point of view, with a deep understanding of the blockchain field and the unique system technology of digital contracts
Select high-quality currencies for global users and lead the trend of digital contract technology.

3 thoughts on “RSNCoin Crypto Review

  1. The first thing that should confuse RSNCoinCrypto is the lack of information about the terms of cooperation, tariffs and services provided. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to it at first. I thought that it was a young exchange, so the site is not so well developed yet, they are just starting. But no, the fact is that the authors of the project simply do not bother with the informational component, I understand that they will not work for a long time, they will close soon and it’s not worth messing around with all this. I invested $500 in the stock exchange on the recommendation of a friend, went bankrupt, started to deal with a lawyer, and he sorted it out for me that it was just a scam of dubious quality. Most likely, the money will not be returned.

  2. This platform works effectively only for depositing funds, unfortunately not for withdrawing. The asset subject to withdrawal goes into the status of frozen, they contact support via the e-mail indicated on the site, it is useless, they do not answer. Very similar to scammers.

  3. My husband tried to work with this exchange, but it turned out that the company was a formal number. After replenishing your account, you become completely uninteresting for managers who used to call 100,500 times, persuade, explain. The result is disappointing – just wasted time and money. I don’t recommend getting in touch.

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