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About company:

Investment platform operating since 2020. INTELEX is registered in Estonia. Its main office is located in Tallinn. The project specializes in raising funds from private investors for subsequent investment in cryptocurrency trading operations. INTELEX clients can invest in USD, BTC, ETH and BNB. The minimum replenishment amount is $100, the deposit period is from 30 days, the yield is from 3.4% per month or up to 89% per annum.

3 thoughts on “INTELEX  Review

  1. As of February 18, 2022, I myself am a participant in the project, and have not received a response to repeated messages. And the question is simple: when will the money be credited to the account) I’m not talking about interest at all, I’m talking in fact for my contributions in kind !!! Fraudsters and more

  2. I also suffered from the actions of the organizer of these two pyramids, Vitaly Pavlov, I exchanged cryptocurrencies for rubles with him, as a result of which in January of this year he cheated me for 4 million. A statement has already been written to the police, and if the victims of his pyramids unite and If they also write a statement (collective), then this scammer will be imprisoned faster.

  3. This review is more of an addition to the post above. It can be seen that the author studied the company, but did not fully understand some points. After careful research, I noted the mistakes of the author.

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