Kong Invest

Kong Invest

WEBSITE: https://konginvest.com/

EMAIL: [email protected]

About company:

Kong Invest is a new project that attracts funds from private investors for further investment in cryptocurrency trading. The company was founded in 2021. Registered in Hong Kong. Kong Invest offers clients to invest USDT at 0.9% per day. Other ways to replenish the investment account are not available. After the deposit is placed, USDT is automatically converted into the project’s internal token KG. For replenishment of the account for a certain amount and for attracting referrals, the user receives bonuses.

3 thoughts on “Kong Invest  Review

  1. At the very beginning, I did not understand a little. But then, when I began to understand more thoroughly, everything fell into place. The Kong invest company itself is illegal and the broker has been operating quite recently. moreover, no one earns a lot with this company and they don’t have all the documents. But their website is different. But this website konginvest.com is already working under this company and is trying to prove that it is legal.

  2. I never tire of being amazed at how quickly and simply such “companies” multiply and multiply. Why did you put it in quotation marks? And because there is no company, there is a fake scam, even the veracity of whose contacts cannot be verified. There is no registration, there is nothing! The office is allegedly from Hong Kong, but there is not even a nomea license. Divorce, do not trust people like Kong to invest your funds.

  3. I have come across quite a few sites like this. And almost all of them were one day old. And as they say, they just disappeared quickly.

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