Official site: https://panda-st.org
Phone: 74954885717; +442079983678
Address: Presnenskaya nab., 2, Moscow, Russia, 123317; 1-2 Hatfields, London SE1 9PG, UK
About company
Panda-ST is a brokerage company that in its work relies on the EU Directive “On Markets in Financial Instruments”.
Complying with the law, Panda-ST treats customers’ money with care. To maintain the safety of storage, all deposits are held in European banks with safety level No. 1.
In addition, our company has a Compensation Fund, which can be used by each client in the course of his trading, if measures have been taken with respect to his deposit or financial transaction that are contrary to his interests and intentions.

3 thoughts on “Panda-ST Review

  1. I withdrew money through Sberbank online and a rather large commission was removed from me, although the site says that it will be 0%. I wrote to tech support, I’m waiting for an answer. I hope this is some kind of mistake.

  2. You won’t get a damn thing here! I tried to withdraw at least some money, but I didn’t succeed in anything, and what I just didn’t do. So Panda-ST is a total scam.

  3. And you know what makes you laugh the most?! The way these bastards almost jump out of their underpants, just to sell some services. They are all so polite and kind, they really care about you. NICHRE! they don’t give a shit about who to breed, when to breed and for what money. They do their job and that’s it. By the way, I recently found out that they also cheat old people. Either they say that they cooperate with the social service, or with the pension fund. But the fact is that people deposit money so that the amount grows, but in the end they don’t receive anything.

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