Official site: https://rideals.com
Phone: +35790872272
Address: Agios Loizos St, 58 9629 Larnaca
About company
Earn on the Ri-Deals platform
Use wide functionality for profitable operations.
Safe trading is our main goal
Ri-Deals ensures reliable and fast trade transactions.
Company goals
Goal #1
Expand the annual turnover of CFD contracts by 20%.
Goal #2
Increase the daily turnover of the trading terminal by 15%.

3 thoughts on “Rideals Review

  1. There is nothing special to choose from. Those assets that are more or less with normal conditions show a lousy performance. I don’t understand why to put the exchange into operation if, in fact, none of the services has been brought to mind

  2. I would not recommend getting involved with these guys. I was registered on their website, then a friend dissuaded me from cooperating with them. Then the psychological pressure began stupidly. I said that I would not work with them, so they constantly called me, persuaded me, told me how cool they were and that I was losing such opportunities. In short, they are clearly scammers and swindlers. no respectable broker would behave like this. Thanks to a friend that slandered me from working with them. So I would not lose opportunities, but money.

  3. These scammers scammed me for $12,000. Ri Deals employs not just scammers, but professional psychologists who know what to put pressure on. Well, it was necessary for me to powder my brains so much that I, without realizing it, invested such a large amount. Of course, my naivety and greed played a role. Everyone thought that I could quickly and earn a lot. And who does not think …. And as a result, he was left without a spear and also got into debt with his friends.

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