UFinance Fund

UFinance Fund

Official site: https://ufinance.cc
Phone: [email protected]
Address: ufinance.cc, 111 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02199-761
About company
Register and get the opportunity to earn with our company – one of the largest and most reliable investment funds in the world.
American asset management company. The company was founded in 1924, was taken over by the Canadian insurance company Sun Financial in 1982 and has since been its investment division with a group of mutual funds.
$574.2 billion as of July 31, 2020
Minimum account from $100You do not need to save up for start-up capital. Start earning without large investments
Support from experienced tradersWe will not let you lose a large amount while you learn to trade
Unique trading mode “Non-stop” Time is money. Do not wait for the end of the transaction: open several positions at the same time and continue trading
Technical supportWe value every client and are ready to help and advise you at any time

3 thoughts on “UFinance Fund Review

  1. I have experience with the UFinance.cc platform. An unscrupulous broker that does not meet the stated standards of quality and high level of service. They leaked my trading account, requested a commission for withdrawing money. Paid. I just couldn’t withdraw anything, they block the account without explaining anything. Primitive cuisine.

  2. Representatives of the Yufinance broker called me for about a month, imposing their services, promising high incomes and, in principle, the simplest ways to obtain such income. It is suggested to start with a minimum amount of $100 to appreciate the benefits of passive income. Requests to stop calling are ignored. I had to block the numbers from which I receive calls. The scammers are still the same!

  3. There is no real trading on the ufinance.cc platform. Successful transactions and a positive balance are drawn. But the money goes to the accounts of scammers immediately. There are no customer accounts at all. Bringing it out is unrealistic. They require payment of commissions, etc. I advise you to avoid UFinance and similar kitchens!

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