Website: https://resuc.org/

Phone: +1 (646) 948-4078

Address: Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, 20 W 44th St #4th, New York, NY 10036

Email: [email protected]

About company:

What we do

Revenue Surveillance Corpration provides wealth recovery services for individuals and companies who have lost money through fraudulent online platforms such as fake binary options brokers, forex and our network of investigative associates spans across the globe making us quite prominent in this field

Online Fraud has increased exponentially in recent times with the growth in popularity of crypto-currencies (Bitcoins and Altcoins), Binary Options, Forex and the likes. We at Revenue Surveillance Corpration as made it a point of duty to take up cases of fraud and help our clients fight and get their money back. 

Resuc  Recovery  Team centers its expertise on financial fraud, focusing much of its resources in fighting binary options scams. We have adequate technological and financial expert professionals who have taken giant strides in helping clients recover their funds while maintaining discretion and utmost confidentiality. We boast of a team of recovery experts who are experienced in binary option and other crypto currency recovery.


  1. I also ran into these bastards at first everything went awesome the amount grew every day with great success but then their operator called me and stunned me supposedly your account was blocked because the insurance was not paid for which no one warned 1200 dollars I paid they said it was wrong then paid again they said paid incorrectly for the third time like it passed tried to withdraw money money not withdrawn again somehow waited for a call from the operator says that I made several withdrawals of funds so the computer threw me into the processing of manual payments pay 500 dollars three times and now they don’t even call at all the scammer has driven himself into debt just got busy

  2. I’ve been cooperating with Switch Corp recently, so it’s hard to say how worthy of attention the office is. The platform makes a favorable first impression, but you still need to check the payment discipline in order to draw final conclusions. Then I will let you know if I stay here or not.

  3. I think that this is a really good company, you can cooperate and trade with it. The execution of transactions is at a height, I also did not notice any problems with the withdrawal. They have been cooperating for 2 months, the flight is normal. This is one of the best brokers I have dealt with.

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